An Article for Zodiac Signs on Gemstones. An Article for Zodiac Signs on Gemstones. 1) Aries • Coral Coral gemstone shares a prominent relationship with planet Mars, which is one of the governing planets. Mars signifies wealth, physical health, strength, passion, and communication. Mars being the governing force of Coral, it strengthens health, luck and passion of an individual. Wearing Red coral as your gemstone will turn the fortune of the people whose Mars stays in 1st, 3rd, 5th,7th, 8th, 9th and 12th house. Coral will enhance the positive effects of Mars on your Astrology. You must wear this gemstone in your right-hand ring finger and bring it on Tuesday. • Diamond Natives of Aries zodiac are clumsy and confused in nature. They face the issue of scattered thought processes and lacks clarity. Wearing Diamond as their gemstone provides, strength, balance, clarity in thought processes and tranquillity. It helps to calm the mind as it is directly connected to the Mars; ruling planet of Aries. Main property of Diamond is its hardness, which reflects tenacity and credence or conviction. Hence, wearing diamond as their gemstone will help Aries natives to stay self- contented and stand out in their work life leading to optimism, glamour and wealth. It also helps to resolve the health issues related to infertility. It must be worn with Silver or any white alloy like Platinum. Make sure you wear it in Middle finger and most importantly on Friday. To reap the best benefits, the diamond you wear must be of at least 0.30 carat to 1.00 carat. 2) Taurus • Turquoise The gemstone linked with third eye chakra enhances interpersonal relationships and manifests positive energies. Taurus natives seeks harmony along with materialised wealth and hence this gemstone can be said very suitable as it enhances Jupiter in Taurus zodiac. Turquoise also known as Firoza, helps you fight financial crises and also helps in reviving earlier losses. It is more suitable for professionals in the field of education, law and research. It helps in resolving health issues related to kidney and Liver. You can wear this gemstone in Shukla Paksha set in silver ornament. You must always check authenticity of this gemstone before wearing it. • Emerald Taurus natives can reap maximum benefits from Emerald gemstones as Lord Mercury is the governing planet of their 2nd and 5th house. Wearing this gemstone will enhance your intellectual capacity, wealth, property, wisdom and mainly family relationships. Emerald also attracts cosmic powers of Venus creating powerful energy within an individual. It helps to resolve health problems related to vision, spinal cord and headaches. You can gain more benefits if worn with diamond. You must wear it in gold or silver but necessarily on little finger or ring finger. Wear it after energising it by chanting 'Om Budhaye Mamaah'. 3) Gemini • Emerald Emerald for Gemini has proven to be very beneficial due to relationship of its metaphysical properties with Mercury and Mercury rules the 10th house, the house of professional fronts. It will help Gemini natives to enhance their intelligence, speech, communication skills, memory and outer aura. It will help you to ease the breathing issues and speech issues like stammering. You must be very careful about the things that Emerald must touch your skin while you are wearing it. Make sure you wear it on Wednesday with Silver or Gold in the little or ring finger. • Agate (Akik) It helps to enhance the verbal proficiency of an individual and also encourage emotional strength of an individual. This gemstone uplifts the vigour and expressiveness of the person. People on any educational fields must choose it for sure. Person under influence of this stone learns to deal with complexities with utmost ease. It also helps in easing issues of headaches, dizziness, skin problems and also promotes longevity of life. This gemstone can be said as sign of equivalence between positivity and negative in one's life. You must wear it with silver and should be worn on Saturday. You must only wear it after the sunset and in the middle finger of right hand. Black agate is worn to stay protected from evil energies. 4) Cancer • Pearl (Moti) People with Cancer zodiac are someone who are little disoriented and lacks mental harmony. They are sensitive human beings who are prone to anxiety and depression. Pearl, one of the most positive gemstones would be the best choice for them as it helps you fight the issues pertaining to mind and mental health. It also enhances your creative insight and imaginative capacity. It also protects you from affliction of Moon with malefic planets like Saturn and Rahu. If your moon is the Lord of 1st, 5th and 9th house, you must choose to wear this gemstone in a blink of an eye. If you are dealing with agriculture or shipping business, you can consider this gemstone blessing for you. Pearl will keep you motivated and will enhance your self-esteem. Make sure you start wearing it on Monday and in the time of evening within silver metal. 5) Leo • Ruby (Manek) Ruby, the red shaded gemstone stands for its contribution to love, partnership, romance, passion and security. Leo being the very romantic and loving zodiac, expects wholeness and security from people they love but often ends up disappointed in the matter of love and emotions. Ruby manifests the intuitive capacity in natives with Leo zodiac making other people's intentions crystal clear to them. It helps to choose between right and wrong and generates an aura which attracts love and compassion. The finest quality of Ruby comes in delicate rose colour. Make sure you do not get it confused with Red Spinel. If well placed, it can fill up the life of Leo natives with good fortune and optimism. It helps to fight cardiac diseases and disease related to head. If your Sun is on the fifth house, make sure you take advice from professional intellectual before using it. You must start wearing it on Sunday in the Yellow Gold at the time of Sunrise. 6) Virgo • Emerald For the Virgo natives, Emerald will prove to be favourable as their gemstones as it will enhance your passion for your work and life both. Emerald will help you spark back the interest and creative insight for your work. The stone will act more constructive for people running through the Budh Mahadasha and Antardasha of Mercury. Wearing Emerald will also enhance your mental health and will make you feel harmonised as Mercury is the Lord of 10th house and Lagna. Dip the gemstone in Gangajaal and Cow's milk before wearing it and make sure that it should be of 3, 6, or 7 ratti. • Sapphire Planet Venus rules your house of fortune and the house of wealth and hence it is very advantageous for you to wear Sapphire. You can reap more benefits by using this gemstone in your Venus Antardasha. It will help you protect yourself from the negative effects of affliction of Venus with other malefic planets. This gemstone will open the doors of wealth, domestic harmony, material success, spiritual achievements, dedication and fame for you. People dealing with matrimonial issues will feel at ease by wearing this gemstone. It can also ease up health issues like asthma and bone problems. Sapphires comes in white and blue colours. Although, this gemstone reaps many benefits, you must be really careful about using it in right ways or it can bring negative consequences. Contact us for the authentic usage of this gemstone and certain your benefits without any second doubts. 7) Libra • Opal Libra signifies harmony, fair intentions, justice and equality. Libra natives mostly make their career in creative fields as their hand flows the creativity. Opal gemstone enhances your artistic and inventive performance. Opal helps Libra natives to face their fears and be more accepting towards their mistakes. It also helps curing eye related issues and boosts immunity. Wearing Opal will help you perceived as pleasing personality as it is related to Venus and Sahasrar Chakra. You must wear it in the middle finger of your right hand and on Friday morning of Shukla Paksh. Better check the accuracy and authenticity of it and get it energised before wearing it. 8) Scorpio • Coral Scorpio natives can endure maximum benefits of Red coral as Mars resides in the sixth house of this zodiac and this is considered to be magnanimous. Coral gemstone can do wonders for Scorpion natives as it enhances your financial strength and will turn your debts into your earnings. It also enhances your courage to fight your fears and evil energies. Health-wise, it helps to eliminate blood and heart related issues. Minimum weight of your coral gemstone should be 6 Ratti and make sure you wear it in gold ring or a gold-plated silver ring. • Topaz People with this zodiac finds it difficult to stabilise their relationship and also yearns for prosperity and fortune. Topaz works best for them as it helps stabilising relationships and improves financial fronts of an individual. It makes person hopeful and hard working. People struggling with their business or are at any commanding position can gain more benefits by wearing this gemstone. It helps you fight the intellectual illness also. On health fronts, it helps in boosting immunity and protects from premature ageing issues. You must wear it in Shukla Paksha after chanting 'Om Gram Greem Groom Saha Gurvey Namah'. Before wearing it, you must soak it in honey, ghee, Gangajal and Cow's milk. Wearing it wrongly may lead to negative consequences so you must be careful. We are here to help you with accuracy of your suitable gemstone. 9) Sagittarius • Topaz Sagittarius natives, are inspiring, curing, and strong individuals who lacks dedication and resilience at some point and this drags them down. Topaz enhances wisdom, boosts rational thinking and increases consistency and persistency in the efforts of an individual and hence is perfectly suitable for Sagittarius. It brings your body and mind in unison. It also enhances self-control and pushes you towards right path. It is connected to Saturn and hence it protects you from malefic effects of Shani. It is very suitable for people going thorough Shaade saati. It helps to resolve health issues related to kidney and heart. For people suffering from insomnia, this gemstone can work as blessing in disguise for you. It can be worn as a ring or pendant. If you are wearing it as ring, wear it on index finger of your right hand. Wearing it in Shukla Paksh will be very advantageous. • Turquoise Turquoise, the light blue gemstone helps you uplift yourself socially and financially. Its healing properties helps you make a good fortune and welcome positivity after facing effects of malicious planets in your zodiac. As it is related with the Jupiter, it helps you maintain financial stability along with providing guidance and harmony. It will help Sagittarius natives to become more reasonable and calmer. It is the 'luckiest' gemstone for this zodiac. Wearing it will help you fight ailments related to immune system and will also help curing diabetes. You must energise the stone before wearing it. You must wear it on Thursday morning on ring finger or index finger of right hand. 10) Capricorn • Garnet The most suitable gemstone for people with Capricorn zodiacs as their professional field mostly falls under trading, share market, television and films, and chemical and science sector. Wearing this gemstone will help you upheaval your wealth and prosperity. It also works as healer for emotionally weal individuals. It establishes good decision-making skills and also solve the reproductive health issues along with benefiting the condition of heart, lungs and joints. If you have Kal Sarp dosha or your Rahu falls under 6th, 8th or 12th house, you must concern renowned expert before wearing it. You must wear it on Saturday during early sunrise, in a silver or gold-based ornament. It would be ideal to wear it as ring on the middle finger. 11) Aquarius • Amethyst Natives of Aquarius are hardworking people with lots pf optimism and energy but the malefic effect of Saturn's position in their zodiac holds them back from fulfilling their goals and leading a healthy and accomplished life. Amethyst gemstone also known as Ketela or Jamunia, shares direct relationship with Saturn. It helps to enhance the positivity of Saturn and reduces negative effect of it. It must be worn in Silver ring and should be avoided with yellow gold. It should be worn on Saturday after the Sun sets fully. It helps to enhance energy in the house of occupation of Aquarius natives and hence make sure it is worn in the middle finger of the working hand. To energise it, you must chant 'Om Shan Shanicharaya Namaah' before wearing it. Better turn your heads to an experienced expert to check its accurateness. 12) Pisces • Cats eye Pisces natives are compassionate, positive, imaginative and hardworking people mostly faces problems due to Ketu. Cats eye enhances the dominating and posting effects of Ketu. It helps to bring instant wealth and financial abundance along with intelligence. It helps to fight serious illness like cancer and paralysis. If any Pisces individual is under the Mahadasha of Ketu, this gemstone can do wonders for them. It can be worn in ring or pendant with panchdhatu to reap more benefits. It should weigh between three to seven carats. It should be worn on Thursday after the time of sunset or Tuesday morning but in Krishna Paksh. As it directly shares its relationship with Ketu, you must not wear it without consulting a prolific expert. • Aquamarine Aquamarine, the aqua blue gemstone with its ruling planet as Neptune, is suitable for Pisces as it enhances stability on married life, health and leadership qualities. It makes an individual more loyal, compassionate and fearless. Pisces fails at communicating emotions and ideas, Aquamarine helps to build interaction skills and helps them to respond quickly. This gemstone help fighting issues related to nervous system, throat and glands. It also enhances emotional stability and mental health. You must start wearing it in Shukla Paksha on the middle finger of the working hand. It should be 1/10th of your body weight must be worn with silver to get the best benefits. The only way to reap complete benefits of gemstones is to wear them right and most importantly, wear them authentic. You can rely on us when it comes to authenticity. We provide veracious services with one hundred percent accuracy. Contact us and hand your fortune in right hands. - BY SAI GEMS (Ahmedabad, Gujarat). {}