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Agate stones or akik stones are one of the most widely used gemstones in jewelries and men’s accessories. In this post we will answer questions like why people prefer to wear akik stone rings, what are akik rings, where to buy sterling silver akik rings, why to wear sterling silver akik rings.

Akik stone or agate stone is a type of silica stone, available in many colours. They are usually banded or striped. Akik stone has a lower vibration intensity than other stones. Akik stone is believed to have numerous influences on human mind.

It has been worn as amulets or used as ornaments for a long time.


Agate stone has been known to believe as a means of providing protection. In ancient times, warriors used to get agate engraved to their breastplate to be protected.

This trend is still continued in other forms. Sterling silver agate stone rings are sported and thought of as protectors against physical and spiritual harms.

Creative and intellectual benefits:

This powerful stone is worn by students as a means of enhancing their creativity and intelligence. It helps improve imagination and concentration. Akik stones are helpful to writers in expressing their thoughts better.

Peace of mind:

Sterling Silver Akik jeweleries give satisfaction and help lower desires for things a person does not have. It gives a sense of satisfaction and especially, aid those who keep juggling with various jobs. They also help in getting over anxiety.

Gemstone is one of the best and result oriented remedy which will help you to get desire positive result.

It is important to note that a gemstone is powerless unless it is energized in a proper manner. It may contain impurities in the form of negative energies which need to be cleansed before it can become ready to wear.

We at Saigems have developed a proprietary method to cleanse, energize and attune a gemstone especially for you. It is based on our deep research and understanding of the vedas and related astrological scriptures.

We ensure you of the best quality & authenticity of the gemstone, until gemstone is not genuine, it will not give you the desired result.

For 100% assurance, we check each gemstone by third party Govt. approved gemological Lab. also provide Ring/Pendant services. This will act as a protection against the threat of replacement or damage to the gemstone while making a ring or pendant from a local jeweller.

Why Should You Buy Gemstones From Us ?

Gemstones helps in solving most of the problems of our life. Also the proper gemstone for a particular problem will give you much benefits.

You will be getting proper advice to choose a proper gemstone according to the problems that you are having.

You will be getting good and high quality gemstones. It will be highly energised according to your horoscope and will be sent to you so that you can get the benefits of it. We have different kinds of gemstones, yantras,  rudraksha and thus we say that we are One Stop Solution for all your problems.

Delivery Instructions:

We will deliver your gemstones in five or seven days through courier and we will inform you not only when your order is placed but also when it is shipped from our location.

Please feel free to write email: or call any time on 08690057235 (India) / +918690057235 (Out of India) for more information about our delivery procedures, about Gemstones, Rudraksha, Yantras or any of our products and services.


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