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Purusha Vasiya Yantra – Find your Prince Charming!

Why Purusha Vasiya Yantra?

The search for perfectionism can be detrimental when it comes to dating. We all have an image of how the perfect person for us should be; we all want the fairy tale to come true! To find the one person who will complete us “perfectly”. The quest for love and for that Mr. or Ms. Perfect is really a challenge!

Whether you find it hard to get a guy, or you find it difficult to find the right guy, all is not lost. If you are interested in overcoming your shyness and fear about meeting the right kind of guy and getting him to commit without all the usual game playing then read on…

Speciality of Purusha Vasiya Yantra

Everyone wants relationships of some sort with the individuals or groups that they deal with. But then there are challenges in every relationship. Some seek the auspicious pure relationship with God and a Guru leading to Enlightenment – Many women find it hard to meet a guy they can truly connect with. Some women find it difficult to meet guys while others find that attracting men is not the major problem but attracting the right kind of guy is! “Purusha Vasiya Yantra” helps women to attract men and to maintain a good relationship with them.

Mantra for Purusha Vasiya Yantra
Om Maha Yaksyai Mum
(name of person whom you wish to attract; if you do not know the name then please chant Purushamey) Vasya Vasya Kuru Kuru Swaha
(The specified Mantra is to be recited for 108 times as a standard rule; however, changes if any will be mentioned at the time of buying.)

Why Should You Buy Yantras From Us ?

Yantras helps in solving most of the problems of our life. Also the proper yantra for a particular problem will give you much benefits.

You will be getting proper advice to choose a proper yantra according to the problems that you are having.

You will be getting good and high quality yantras. It will be highly energised according to your horoscope and will be sent to you so that you can get the benefits of it. We have different kinds of gemstones, yantras, rudraksha and thus we say that we are One Stop Solution for all your problems.

Delivery Instructions:

We will deliver your Yantras in five or seven days through courier and we will inform you not only when your order is placed but also when it is shipped from our location.

Please feel free to write email: info@saigems.co.in or call any time on 08690057235 (India) / +918690057235 (Out of India) for more information about our delivery procedures, about Gemstones, Rudraksha, Yantras or any of our products and services.


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