Why Shree 64 Yogini Yantra:-

"Sixty and four are the instruments of delights that entice the singular soul (jiva). Sixty and four are the divisions (kalas) inside jiva; Sixty and four are the offices of jiva's chakras; Sixty and four; where Shiva-Shakti dwell."

The Sacred 64 Yogini Goddesses

The 64 reasonable strategies (kriyas) of daze and change relate with the Yogini energies inside nature, all of which communicate together to create otherworldly development when the fitting impetus is free. Their motivation is to haul spirits out of deception. This is definitively the meaning of both the 64 hexagrams found in the Taoist practice as well as the 64 Yoginis of the Shakti Tantric custom. The Tantric writing itself is supposed to be made out of 64 otherworldly books, additionally alluded to as Tantras. In this sense, the word tantra conveys the importance of "accepted compositions". The 64 hallowed texts of Kaula Tantra are listed in old style texts like the Vamakeshvara-Tantra.

Comparable references in old style writing incorporates the 64 yogic initiated paranormal powers (siddhis), the 64 divisions of artistic expression (kalas), and, inside the old Saiva Siddhanta custom, the 64 holy people (nayanars). There are likewise 64 types of Bhairava, 64 tantric mudras, as well as 64 siddhas, past even the 18 Maha Siddhas, which are all the more normally celebrated, etc.

This hallowed number is personally connected with power and life itself. In the Indian work of art, Mahabharata, Lord Krishna terminated 64 bolts and in a different encounter, Bhishma's defensive layer was penetrated multiple times. The Aitereya Brahmana discusses the sixty-fourth and last advance into the glorious world.

In particular, the 64 Yoginis are perceived inside Babaji's Kaula Marg custom of Kriya Tantra Yoga as principal transmissions of Maha Kali. Every one of them rules over various parts of creation, has an exceptionally unmistakable character, and offers an entryway into undifferentiated mindfulness. Hence, it is in the long run perceived that the number 64 has a significant relationship with the traditional way of Kriya Tantra Yoga, the tantric writing of India, and the supernatural encounters of sunyata and different types of samadhi.

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