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You can consult our astrologer to get predictions about any aspect of life like career, finance, love life, marriage, children, health, etc. With our onetime payment services, you can avail astrology predictions services for lifetime. The astro chart prepared by our astrologer comprises Gana, Tithi, Karana, Yoni, etc. report about Lagna, Nakshatra, Date, Day, Tithi, Month, Sade-Sadi period, etc.

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About Onetime Payment & Lifetime Astrology Consultation

To know your future prognostications, you can mileage our onetime payment and continuance divination discussion services. The areas in which you have queries can be anything from career, finance, love life, marriage, children, etc. You can ask as numerous questions you want regarding your and your family members for continuance. There's no limit to it. Our platoon of complete astrologers have about great experience and moxie in reading one’s horoscope and consequently guide you.

Our prophesier gives below astrological highlights for your horoscope • Goods of moon sign, ascendant and globes • Astrological analysis of your situation • Specific answer for your queries • Suitable astrological advice and remedial measures • Suggestions for yantra, rocks, etc. • Information about important earth transitions and its influences in the unborn

We'll bear your birth details and your current profession details in brief on with the set of questions you have. Also, you can shoot prints of you and your triumphs as well. Our prophesier will study and dissect your horoscope in detail and consequently give substantiated prognostications to you. You'll get suggestions regarding which rock is suitable for you to wear and whether you bear to wear Rudraksha or not. Which deity to worship and whether you need to do any pooja, havan, etc.

Calculate on us to get 100 substantiated answers and get divination prognostications grounded on your horoscope. For any query, you can reach out to us or call us at 91 86900 57235.

Our Response Policy We'll get back to you with your answers in 48 hours. Once you get the prognostications from our side and in case if you have follow-up questions then you can write to us and consequently, we will get back to you formerly again to clarify your queries.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many questions can be asked in this service?

There is no limit to questions you can ask in this service. As you have made one-time payment, you can avail astrology service for lifetime. You can ask question for you and your family members too.

Will the predictions based on horoscope details or palm reading?
How is onetime payment lifetime consultation service helpful?
Do I have to take appointment to avail this service?
How can I avail this service on call or e-mail?