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Every gemstone is ruled by its respective planet. Wearing gemstones helps in reducing the negative effect of planets. Gemstones should be worn after carefully examining an individual’s horoscope and detailed analysis. Wearing wrong gemstone can give negative impact on a person’s life and invite lot of troubles. Each stone has astrological relevance, therefore it is important to understand it, before you wear it for the problem persisting in your life.

It is believed that planetary alignment during our birth time, date and day has a life-long impact on an individual. Therefore, for this reason it is suggested to wear suitable gemstone depending on your birth chart. To recommend the best gemstone for you, we will be requiring certain details from you like birth date, time and place and questions you want to ask. Further, we will be requiring photos of you and your palms. Our expert astrologer will answer your questions based on your horoscope analysis and future predictions. With us, you can be rest assured that you will be getting nothing but the best guidance, recommendation and advice regarding which is the best gemstone for you! Call us or send us an email now!

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Know Significance of Rock Wearing rock is indicated as a sign of substance and happiness since periods. It has been proved time and again that rocks have mending powers and positive goods on one’s mind and physical health. It has a vital corollary on one’s impunity as well and plays a pivotal part in adding your will power and confidence position in a great way. You should noway rush to wear any rock simply by getting allured by its charm or shy knowledge regarding the rock. Always consult a professional and well- endured prophesier to know which rock is stylish suitable for you or do you bear to wear rock or not.

We'll help you in chancing the stylish suitable rock as per your horoscope analysis. Our expert prophesier will help you understand and offer divination guidance for • Answer for your queries • Planetary influences in the future and its impact • Remedial suggestions for yantra, rock,etc. • Impact of ascendant, globes and moon sign on your life • Astrological analysis of your current situation • Astrological highlights of your birth map

Get 100 substantiated answers to all your questions grounded on your horoscope. Feel free to ask any query to us anytime. You can drop us an dispatch or give us a call at (91) 86900 57235.

Delivery Time You can anticipate response from our side in 48 hours. After entering your prognostications, if you still have queries you can get back to us through dispatch and consequently as per your new questions, we will reply back to you.


Which methods are used to pick a suitable gemstone for oneself?

There are different factors which one needs to take into consideration for selecting a suitable gemstone. Some of the commonly practiced methods for finding the best suitable gemstone depend on certain factors like birthplace, time and birth date.
- Gem donation
- Gem of the 9th Lord
- Strong and beneficial planet’s gem
- Fadic number

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