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Janampatri is also known as horoscope denotes the position of planets in it. The celestial bodies impact can affect an individual irrespective of age, gender or place. To be precise, it contains all the essential information about the exact location of planets like Moon, Sun and other planets. With the help of Janampatri, an astrologer understands the influence of celestial bodies on our life.

To prepare kundali of an individual, accurate date of birth, time and place is considered. Once the kundali of an individual is prepared, then the astrologer can easily provide predictions about the future events in the individual’s life. However, to prepare your kundali you should consult an expert astrologer who has in-depth knowledge about Vedic astrology.

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Know About Janampatri Kundali

Any person would like to know about effects predestined in their life. A person can know about his future through his/ her Janam Kundali. With the help of Janam Kundali, a person can get answers to all the questions pertaining to his/ her life. You can consult our expert prophesier to get analysis depending on the birth details handed by the existent.

To make your janampatri, you should approach our expert prophesier. A janampatri report provides in- depth analysis about characteristics, disposition, personality, strengths and sins. It also lets a person know about the favourable and unfavourable aspects. It can be defined as a comprehensive map, which helps to make divination prognostications on the brewing events in a person’s life. These events can be related to any field be it career, marriage, finance, health, love life, etc.

To give accurate prognostications grounded on Janampatri, our expert prophesier will bear exact birth details of an existent. The Janampatri describes about the position and disposition of stars and globes at the time of your birth. The astrological report prepared by our expert astrologers is grounded on the Janam Kundali and provides an in- depth analysis of different factors. These factors might include strength, weakness, personality, characteristics, geste, etc. Either, it also includes different favourable and unfavourable aspects pertaining to your future.

Get Your Janam Kundali Online Janampatri or Janam Kundali depicts a person’s birth graph specifying the position of the stars, globes and wheel signs to draw a chart of incidents. It also showcases a detailed analysis of a person’s physical presence and disposition, a strong point along with weakness and adverse situations. The prognostications of Janampatrika is done grounded on the birth details of an existent.

What's the significance of Janampatri? We all at some point might have encountered different issues in lives be it emotional, internal disturbance and fiscal problems. The downfalls pave the way for result- seeking services. Janamkundali of a person can be considered as one of the tried and tested ways to give a satisfying result to an existent. No matter whether it's about career development, fiscal stability or a happy wedded life, advanced education,etc. a proper and thorough Janamkundali analysis can help a person lead a happy and prosperous life ahead. Get Substantiated Janampatri report anatomized by our expert prophesier. You can communicate our astrologers to get substantiated prognostications grounded on your birth map. We give different types of Janamkundali like Navamsa, Chalit map, Lagna map and Chandra kundali.

When can you use Janampatri? Our astrologers precisely dissect Janam kundali to collude the future of an existent. It isn't just confined to time or fields. From investing in a property, to opting a suitable mate, the guidance offered by our prophesier helps you to deal with different spheres of life in the stylish way.

The prognostications prove veritably useful for any existent as it helps an individual know about the forthcoming events and its adverse impact. Either, it also provides a result to guard an existent against adverse goods of globes and makes the person know about the unborn challenges and openings. To be precise, there are different phases of life which are covered in Janampatri.


Frequently Asked Questions

What role does Janamapatri play in an individual’s life?

Janampatri has a huge significance in an individual’s life. It is based on our date of birth and helps a person to know about upcoming opportunities, challenges, threats and pitfalls in his/her life. Having an idea about future predictions through horoscope helps you take wise decisions which can have a positive impact in your life and can bring great positive changes too.

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