Child Birth Astrology Report 

How can Astrology tell about the time to get pregnant?

As per your birth chart, 5H represents children, if the position of 5H and its lord is activated or Karak Jupiter is beneficially transit over the 5th house and its lord then pregnancy can happen. Dasha also plays an important role in the occurrence of events. Relevant dasha activation is also needed in getting the result of childbirth. This means the dasha of the 5th house lord, 9th house lord is considered as beneficial in getting pregnancy timing.

It's been a long time. Will I ever have children?

As per your chart, if the children’s house means the 5th house is afflicted with malefic and the 5th house lord is also not well positioned and afflicted with malefic then problems in conceiving can happen. Influence of Rahu, Ketu, unfavourable Saturn, unfavourable Mars and Sun over children’s house and its lord can also create a long time in conception. Rest other factors should also be considered like Karak Jupiter plays an important role, its position defines the conception status, and children’s happiness. Dasha plays an important role in giving the timing of events, if relevant dasha/antardasha is not activated or not coming in future then possibly the time in getting the child will be long. The possibility of having a child or not can be seen after a complete analysis of both husband and wife birth charts.


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