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Create your Janam Kundali Predictions by calling on 08690057235(India)  / +918690057235 (Out of India) You will get the following details in your Janampatrika :

a.) Birth details
b.) Lagna Chart
c.) Chalit Cusp
d.) Rasi Navamsa
e.) Sudarshan Chart
f.) Favorable Points
g.) 16 Charts
h.) Sade-Sati

Astro chart / Janmapatrika / Janam Kundali containing Yoni, Karana, Gana, Tithi, etc, report about your Lagna, Nakshatra, Day, Date, Tithi, Month, Sade-Sati time, etc.

1.) Always choose names that are easy to pronounce and make sure it sounds good with your last name.
2.) Give your baby a meaningful name so that he/she can inherit the qualities and values associated with that name.
3.) Try avoiding common names; make their identity stand out in the crowd.
4.) Teasing at names is quite popular among then children, keep this factor in mind. Initials may combine to make funny, expressive statements. Or nicknames could become a source of trouble.
5.) A person’s personality can always be associated with his/her name; so try to give a perfect name to your child.
6.) Important planetary influences in the near future

a.) Astrological Highlights in your horoscope
b.)  Effects of ascendant, moon sign, etc. planets
c.) Astrological Analysis of your situation
d.) Specific Answer to your query
e.) Astro Advice
f.) Remedial suggestions like gemstone, yantra, etc.
g.) Important planetary influence in the near future.

We will need your birth date, birth time, birthplace, currently what you are doing (short introduction of yours), and the questions that you are having. Additionally, you can send photos of you and your palms. We will answer your questions, will give you personalized predictions, and will suggest you remedies (SOLUTIONS – We will suggest to you which Gemstone / Rudraksha to wear, which Lord to worship, Yantras, Pujas, etc.).

You will get 100% personalized answers and reply on the basis of your birth details.

Please feel free to write email: or call any time on 08690057235 (India) / +918690057235 (Out of India) for more information about our delivery procedures, about Gemstones, Rudraksha, Yantras or any of our products and services.

Delivery Policy:

We will reply to you in 48 hours. Once you receive the predictions, if you have any follow-up questions then you can email us back, and accordingly reply will be given to you.

JanamPatrika or JanamK undali showcases a personage’s birth graph specifying the location of the planets, stars, and zodiac signs to draw a map of the impending incidents. This report transports a detailed analysis of an individual’s physical presence and disposition, a strong point along with weaknesses, and the favourable or even adverse situations.

The predictions of Janampatrika are evaluated by date of birth, place of birth, time of birth also known as the date of birth astrology

How is Janampatri beneficial?

We all encounter emotional, financial, and mental volatility in our lives. Apparently, the downfalls pave the path for solution-seeking tools.

Janam Kundali is one of the tried and tested ways that gives the most satisfying solution. Whether advanced education, development in career, financial stability, or a happy marriage right guidance through Janam kundali analysis can lead to a prosperous life.

Get personalized Janma Kundali analysis and guidance by Saigems’s esteemed astrologers. We also provide a feature to create Kundali online (or Janampatri online). Further, saigems’s expert team of astrologers could be contacted to get personalized predictions.

When you can use Janamkundali?

The Janam Kundali is analyzed by the astrologer to map the future. It isn’t restricted by time or fields. The predictions encompass enlarged domains of life. From the selection of a suitable partner to plan an investment in a property; the guidance can help in spheres of life. Moreover, the predictions also warn about the upcoming events that could have an adverse effect. The same gives a solution to safeguard oneself too. In short, there numerous phases of life that get covered by Janampatri.

Stages for Kundali Analysis?

We analyze Janam Kundali by: 

  • Analyzing the Kundali chart by learning the basics of Vedic Astrology Horoscope reading.
  • Synthesizing the multiple interpretations using other horoscope analysis techniques to arrive at any result.
  • Forecasting any events which might occur in one’s life.
  • Suggesting ways to improve the quality of a Kundali, by removing dosha.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Janampatri change my future for the better?

Yes, we believe in practical action, and certainly, we don’t recommend leaving yourself to fate. Our Janam Kundli analysis and solutions shall help you disprove bad-fortune and take better decisions.

Will my personal information be kept confidential?

A big yes! In any condition, we keep the private information intact and confidential and shall never share it with the general public.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to avail this service ?

To avail our ‘Talk to Astrologer’ Service, you need to fill our form giving necessary details. You need to call us to schedule an appointment with our astrologer. Once you get a fixed time and date, you can then call at that time and speak to your preferred astrologer.